Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This shit is like soooo my favorite shit ever...

So i moved all my shit to Chicago this weekend. I found this CD while i was packing. Instantly i was taken back to my college days. I have so many dope memories with this album as the soundtrack. Literally the sound of four young men escaping hell. They would record EVERYDAY like clockwork. The whole combination of the music, angst, and swagger was just so sophisticated and ahead of its time. Can you imagine a full mixtape of SUPERTOY rapping on Mannie Fresh beats ? that would be crazy right ? (wink)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I love this chick... I saw her at the Airport.

Get Yours Kardi !!!

This is one of my favorite cats in the game and he's been doing his thing for a long, long time. I was truly happy when i found out he had signed with Akon's Konvict Music imprint. I think thats the perfect mix of artistry, hustle, and muscle. Check out his video for 'Dangerous' featuring Akon, the first single from his upcoming album, Not For Sale, due out September 9, 2008.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CHROMEO-Momma's Boy

Bow in the presence of greatness.

Um, Yeah.

SUPERTOY presents Panther
sponsored by FTMTGRSY. and VIRB Music
sooner than later


Fonzworth Bentley-Everybody


This is the first single off of Fonworth Bentleys LP, C.O.L.O.U.R.S.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Say Hello to My New Boo !


I've been saying for years that she's absolutely primed for a breakout.

Her ear for music is superb.

Her taste in music is superb.

Her money is already LONG.

Her family name carries much weight in the industry.

Not to mention, i had the pleasure of giving her some "additional screening" at the airport a little over a year ago.

Flawless Skin + Pretty Toes = Love at first sight.

Check out her new single, "I Decided" HERE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feels like King Kong waking up...

So N.E.R.D. dropped their new album Seeing Sounds today, and im super salty because i didnt even have time to go pick it up. (SMH) I spent my day fixng my mac after finally growing enough balls to open it up.
I knew if i left the house i'd never get shit done.
But seriously, N.E.R.D. is not only one of my favorite groups but easily one of the best live acts out. I caught em for the 3rd time at the Glow in The Dark Tour and i was definitely blown away once again. I will be coppin' first thing tomorrow. Go Lakers !!!

Here's a Treat : Everyone Nose RMX featuring Kanye,Lupe, and Pusha T.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lakers vs. Celtics vs. U2

Im so fluckin excited about L.A. and Boston meeting in the finals this year that i actually did a little research about the musical history of this royal rivalry. These teams haven't met in the finals in 21 long years.

The last time they met was June 2nd, 1987. The #1 song in the country was "With or Without You" by U2.Look at Bono with the slicked back 80's ponytail looking like Ice-T ! I see you nigga !
I'm not the biggest U2 fan but when i looked into it a little bit deeper, i realized that the last time the Lakers made the finals, halftime of Game 1 in L.A. featured a performance by everybody's favorite rockers/humanitarians. The illest part about it ? It was broadcast via satellite from TD Banknorth Garden in Boston ! EERIE.

I gotta get back to the airport, but i'll leave you with this.

Lakers in 5.


Monday, June 2, 2008


My man Wale from D.C. just serviced the internets with his new joint "The Mixtape About Nothing". This Seinfeld inspired mixtape from the recent Interscope Records signee is just the latest dosage from one of the few emcee's who seem to really have that ill blend of vibrancy, humor, and substance. You can download it HERE

If nothing else, at least I get an excuse to post this.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

They played this at the bar...

Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid - Johnny Kemp

Myself, Gabe, and Jewett were at the Ultimate Bar and Grill on Camp Creek in College Park when the VJ dropped this little nugget on the crowd. The 80's were great. The funny thing is, a quick internet search will show you that this dude is still getting money off this song. He's constantly performing this shit everywhere !!! Produced and written by Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall respectively.



You had to be there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Fall Back" by Idle Warship

Talib Kweli and RES have joined to form "Idle Warship"

This here ditty bop is for ya girl Hilary. She seriously needs to fall back.

Here more from Idle Warship HERE

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Got Purp ?

Shameless Promotion Alert !!!

SUPERTOY presents the PANTHER Listening Party, Sat. May 24, 2008.

Location : Admiral's Club/College Park, GA

PANTHER ep drops June 3, 2008


Hip-Hop Style ? um, yeah...

For the past few years, the popular phrase amongst rap fans and industry insiders has been "Hip-Hop is Dead". A lot of people blame the newer artists for this perceived lack of quality, while others blame the record labels for putting their money and muscle behind the wackness. It can't truly be dead, because i still see signs of energy and vibrancy permeating the culture today. The problem is, we gave up too much stock in our culture to corporate america when we realized we could use our music and lifestyle to make a buck. Were at a point now where corporate america has been telling us what hip-hop is for so long that we've accepted it and believe it. Instead of constantly creating and bouncing new ideas, we're just going along for the ride.

I thought the whole point of bringing hip-hop into the business arena was to show that one could become a success without having to look like this guy:
It seems like that logic has been thrown out of the window. The fans don't even respect a new artist unless they're primped like my man Rocko up there (I kinda like his songs though). If anything is killing the culture, its all these rules. Its like wearing costumes and uniforms. What part of the game is that ? Especially for a culture thats supposedly so immersed in the hood. Aint no Louis Vutton stores in the hood mofucka !!! You gotta go to Phipps for that ! And you know they'll throw yo ass out wearing them baggy ass pants. I guess what im trying to say is, we need to make the effort to retake control of our culture and the way that we're represented around the world. If we continue to live in a box, then we really will be living in a box.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose Video

Featuring appearances by Kanye West, Lindsey Lohan and others. N.E.R.D.'s third album, Seeing Sounds, is due in stores on June 10th.

GAP Artists Edition T-Shirts

Gap recently introduced Artist Editions T-Shirts, a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by 13 of today’s most influential contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, Kiki Smith, Cai Guo-Qiang, Barbara Kruger, Ashley Bickerton, Kenny Scharf, Glenn Ligon, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Kerry James Marshall, Hanna Liden and Sarah Sze.

Gap worked in close partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art and Art Production Fund to create the collection with the 13 artists, who are all previous Whitney Biennial participants. The Whitney Biennial is a special exhibition held every two years at the Whitney Museum of American Art that features the most important contemporary art in the United States. Gap is a proud sponsor of the 2008 Whitney Biennial.